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The Seven prestigious Faculty Members of Sarvottam Career Pre-Medical Institute - Mr. Aashish Bansal, Mr. Aashish Bajpai, Mr. Jitendra Chandwani, Mr. Mayank Joshi, Mr. Girija Shankar Tiwari, Mr. Lalit Vijay and Dr. Ashish Maheshwari, have united together with an aim to provide quality education and enlightenment to students who want to make it to one of the prestigious Medical Colleges like AIIMS, AFMC, etc. Their teaching expertise, knowledge and qualifications need no introduction, as they are among the pioneers in teaching and coaching field here at Kota since its inception. They are all extremely popular among students till date, after having served for over two decades now.

Mr. Mayank Joshi (MJ Sir)


He is an accomplished teacher of Physics, who has taught the subject for 15 years now. With his extensive teaching experience he has developed a sound knowledge repository of the subject and the teaching skill set that facilitates students to correlate Physics with day-to-day life examples. He can make them see beyond the equations.
Students say that they have developed a lifelong love for the subject, and have never felt more confident in their abilities when it comes to remembering and implementing the theories, laws, principles and equations of Physics in any live practical or theoretical scenario. Solving questions in any competition exam just becomes a child's play for them.

Mr. Jitendra Chandwani (JC Sir)


He is a brand name in teaching ORGANIC CHEMISTRY in the teaching world in KOTA, today. With an experience of over 17 years, he is very popular amongst his students for his unique and smart way of teaching this subject. He is vouched for by his students as a synonym of guaranteed success in ORGANIC CHEMISTRY learning.
According to his students, he possesses some magical intuitive ability to visualize the mechanism of every chemical reaction. He motivates his students to work hard as according to him 'The road to success comes through hard work, determination and sacrifice, No pain, No gain!'

Mr. Aashish Bansal (AB Sir)


He has to his credit an extensive experience of Chemistry teaching for more than 15 years now. He is one of the few true blue teachers of the present generation. Teaching CHEMISTRY is his passion and he is god-gifted with the abilities to explain things in this subject so clearly, and in a way that students of varying intelligence levels and those accustomed to different learning styles accommodate equally well.
He is an INORGANIC CHEMISTRY expert, who can correlate NCERT course content in parallel with all other reputed Medical Entrance exams' chemistry syllabus. His concise, yet effective notes are prized possessions of his students and at his current work-place equally. As a highly compassionate and committed educator, he maintains a well-disciplined learning environment, with minimal interruptions and maximum productivity and develops an excellent trusting rapport with all students to make certain that they feel comfortable and motivated.

Mr. Girija Shankar Tiwari (GST Sir)


He is cool-headed and never boasts about his achievements. He is mature and a true professional when it comes to teaching his favorite subject, i.e. Physics. His simplicity reflects in his methods of teaching too, which make understanding and learning Physics a true joy for the students. He fosters their analytical abilities, thereby sparking their curiosity to know more and more. This eventually drives them on their mission to satiate their knowledge
hunger successfully and also effectively.

He comes with a vast 18 years experience of teaching physics.

Mr. Lalit Vijay (LV Sir)


He is a yet another versatile educator, famously known for his expertise in PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY subject. He holds an experience of more than 18 years in coaching in this subject, which is why his mastery over this subject is beyond comparison. He has acquired the smart methodology to teach this challenging subject in the most scientific and mathematical way.
He hopes to instill a love of learning and a desire for constant knowledge within each student by his distinctive teaching methods.

Mr. Ashish Bajpai (AB Sir)


He is a pundit of BIOLOGY subject, whose demand in students is notoriously high. Medical aspirants find his teaching methodology extremely intriguing and encouraging. He builds an atmosphere very conducive and healthy to learn a sensitive subject like Biology. He drives their critical and creative thinking skills with his effective communication and helps them assimilate the different ideas and concepts in the subject in such a way that they don't feel the need to ever revise them after the class. He is a brand in ZOOLOGY teaching and a dream teacher to learn from.
He motivates students to never give up in their lives, as he believes that failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, just more intelligently the next time.

Dr. Ashish Maheshwari (AM Sir)


Known as one of the best teachers, nationwide, in teaching the subjects of BOTANY and GENETICS for 18 years in a row now, he has made a niche for himself in the teaching world and among the hearts of his students. He completed his Ph.D in Genetics and has been into teaching since then.
His interactive and intelligent approach in teaching these subjects helps students to understand the subject while clearing their doubts simultaneously. He believes that "LEARNING is an opportunity to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and so it's better done seriously."

Ajay Kumar Mishra (AKM sir)
Vice President

He is prestigious teacher of physical chemistry and has teaching experience of more than 12 years now. He has developed his own tools to deliver the subject in very easy manner. He ignites the fire of learning in the mind of students. His teaching impact on students is not for a year but for a life time. He makes a lasting impression on students. He plays a role of parent, providing encouragement, inspiration and invaluable guidance.

Narendra K. Yadav (NKY Sir)
Vice President
Faculty - BIOLOGY

He is fabulous teacher of zoology having teaching experience of more than 13 years now from confines of a classroom. He exposes students to the real world subject information delivered by him are stored permanently in students mind since he correlates the subject to day to day living. He reinforces the concepts with different angles, the students are better able to one explanation that makes the subject very easy and more interesting.

Shubh Karan Chaudhary (SKC sir)
Vice President

He is a great motivator and very enthusiastic teacher of organic chemistry. With teacing experience of more than 6 years now. He is a great artist and his magical teaching makes the subject very interesting for students. He always says that "I am not going to change the world but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will". This effective teaching set high standards for students. He creates learning tasks appropriate to the students level of understanding.


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